Well we survived the move. We will only be here a little while and we will be relocating again.

Only 12 more days until Destructo starts school and only 13 more days until Boogy starts school….NOT that I was counting or anything…lol

Summer school went well for Boogy..He learned A LOT..Way more than I expected, especially in the area of spelling and reading…..He is excited about his new school and so am I!!!!!

I am especially grateful to the people who have been contributing to our fundraiser..Seriously I am moved beyond words…We were able to get all his uniforms and I got them at a great rate…even though a major retailer I won’t mention any names( W*lmart) decided to raise the prices of the polo shirts just in time for back to school….Not nice ..Not nice…

I  was even able to find 2 uniforms at the thrift store for a whopping WAIT FOR IT……. $5 TOTAL..Too bad they only had those 2…..

We also were able to get all his school supplies!!!!!!!!!!

Check out how God has blessed us:

Edited so his real name wouldn’t show

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