Well, I haven’t been able to sleep good all this week. I don’t know if it is the anxiety of waiting to be licensed for foster care (Been offiically waiting for 2 weeks today) or whether or not I am worried if they will choose me to be the adoptive parent of this little girl I want to adopt.

And if they do choose me, will she like me? What will I say to her the first day I get to meet her? How will she feel about having to move 5-6 hours away from the city she grew up in?

Of course I won’t know any of this until after I get licensed….I don’t know why I am so worried….I think I am letting all the responsibilities of life take a toll on me..and I know God is in control and he has me in his hand. So in the name of Jesus I command all stress and anxiety to be loosed from me right now in the name of Jesus! And I command the peace of God that passes all understanding to rest on my heart and mind. I release all things that are hindering me and I command them to flee and to never return in the name of Jesus!!!! I count it done and I receive your peace.. I receive your peace…

I have decided to take myself out this weekend to relax….I am starting to feel like I did when i was working at Website Pros and doing like 50 websites a week..I am so tense..I could use a good massage I came to work at like 10:30 today because I didn’t get a good night sleep although I went to bed at the normal time I go to bed…and I didn’t have Donovan and Laiah last night so I did have any extra things to cause me stress…so i don’t know why last night was so rough

On a good note….I got some BEAUTIFUL roses from my valentine: JOEY! I love you babe!!Thanks for being the bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!

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