She found herself, she found her lover for life
Then the two of them joined together in the Lord
Now she’s complete, A three-fold woman, one accord
The Lady, Her Lover and the Lord

On bended knees, she brought her broken heart
His answer was a husband, a new start
He glued the pieces of her broken dreams
And now the man loves back her self-esteem

He pulled her life together, kissed her, made her better
The missing part in her is now complete
What God hath joined together, is bound to last forever
A three-fold chord means perfect harmony

Who’d have known, she’d survive all her past and move on

This past Saturday (October 18, 2008), My Godmom got married. This is her second marriage. The first one ended close to 30 years ago. She is nearing her 60th birthday. At one time in life she had gotten to the point where she was just living for her grandkids. Thinking that was all that life had left to offer her. Until one day God sent her husband to “find his good thing.”

The above lyrics taken from TD Jakes song: The Lady, her Lover, and Lord is truly the testimony of my Godmom. The line: Who’d have known, she’d survive all her past and move on… really hits a certain chord with me. And every time I think of how she had all but given up on life, and now she looks forward to everyday, I tear up.
I’m not saying that a man (or woman) is the answer to life’s problems or a cure for depression. Because Lord knows relationships surely bring their share of problems. But I do believe that a companion (and not necessarily a romantic relationship, but also friendships) could greatly aid and bring comfort to some of the pain in life.
Who’d have known, she’d survive all her past and move on…
I’m praying these words will ring true for me someday soon…
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Willie Johnson, Jr.!!!!

This was the boys first wedding…

Funny story: I told the boys we were going to the wedding and B went around all last week telling everybody that his mom was getting married….I say yeah kid….wishful

But then again…speak those things that aren’t as though they were and they will come to pass…lol

This was B’s reaction to the wedding

This was D’s reaction to the wedding
Boy I will be glad when the “TERRIBLE TWOS are over

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