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The more things change, the more they stay the same

Sorry you guys that it has been so long since I have blogged. So much has gone on…but so many things still remain the same.

Boogy is doing so/so in school..he has his ups and downs…I recently had a conference with the principal and his teacher. The conference was mainly about giving him the boot from the school that I love so much…but tis life…

I managed to convince them after much coaxing to let him stay until the end of the year with the contingency that his behavior improves drastically….for the most part it has. He’s never going to be perfect (Because who is, but at least the day is bearable for the teacher and the other students)

His academics are horrible.I am about 75% sure he will be in Kindergarten again next year and I am not entirely convinced that him repeating Kindergarten again would be such a bad idea. He is very very immature to the point where his younger brother runs circles around him in just about every area of life. Boogy is one of those children that acts like he can’t function unless ALL attention is on him at all times….School is no exception.

Even at home when I am am helping him, he pretends he is clueless until I threaten him (yes I threaten him) that if he doesn’t get it together I’m gonna spank him…then magically he knows everything on the page and the answer to every problem. It’s just plain ridiculous..I am kind of at the point now where I believe that if this is his current maturity level, then he probably needs to be in K again next year, because first grade is only going to be much worst.

The sad part about that is that Destructo will also be in Kindergarten next year and he is way more sociable and “popular” than Boogy. Boogy will more than likely live in Destructo’s shadow….He already does…

Destructo will be 5 on March 8. Can you beleive that? I’m really like where did all the time go. And April 5, will be their 4th Gotcha Day….seems like they just got here yesterday.


I am thinking about signing Destructo up for the Spanish Immersion Magnet as he has really showed an interest in learning Spanish. He’s currently learning it at his Preschool program. I know other kids at this school and they are fluent in Spanish in little to know time because after 1st grade all the speak is Spanish in the classroom and they don’t allow anyone to enter the program past 1st grade who hasn’t already been enrolled.

I am also thinking about putting Boogy in the Montessori Magnet Program at the same school. I used to be a Montessori teacher. As a matter aof fact I was one at this very same school and I believe this may be beneficial to him.

One of the good things is that they have the Spanish Immersion and the Montessori at the same school so the boys can go to the same school, but their worlds will hardly ever cross because they will be in 2 different programs which will probably work out really well if they both happen to be in K again next year.

In other News…

We moved a little over 2 weeks ago to an apartment….It isn’t as nice as the house I used to live in of course, but it was much better than the place we lived for the last 8 months….

I’m working full time now. Not sure how long this is going to last as it’s only a temp job, but I think it will give me just the cushion I need to I get my wonderful fabulous income tax refund with my beautiful REFUNDABLE adoption tax credit….

I’m still waiting for God to patiently send my King….sigh….but tis life…

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