Well it’s day 2 of me being officially notified that I am licensed to be a foster parent and guess what ..still no kid(s)!!! It wasn’t because I didn’t get a call today early 11ish…It was because I got a call today for a 6 y/o boy not a 0-6 y/o girl!!! …Don’t get me wrong I’m not against 6 year old boys..but he can’t sleep in the crib in my room and my other room is reserved for the girls I asked to be placed with and the little girl who I want to adopt…..(More on that later) The placement worker didn’t realize that the lady I had talked to the day before had put down..GIRLS ONLY! But she was real apologetic about it and said don’t worry we’ll be calling you again soon


Well I haven’t mentioned much about this..but I have been waiting to get licensed so I can submit my homestudy for a little girl 8 y/o girl named Kaitlyn in South Florida….well as soon as I got licensed…I contacted her case worker and guess what..she is being considered for 2 other families… She told me I could still submit the homestudy ….however I only would be considered if the other 2 families don’t work out….

So the little girl that a bed in my GIRLS room is reserved for, will probably not be her bed….but my daughter is out there somewhere..I submitted my homestudy to the Adoption Director here in Jacksonville and she says she is going to pass it out to all of her adoption workers to see if there are any children that are a good match for my family….However in the mean time (in between time) I will be fostering and maybe that will end up being the permanent bed for one of those little girls….

FINAL THOUGHTS: I just have a feeling tomorrow is going to be the day I get my girl and maybe she will be a keeper (as in won’t get reunified with her family)..anyway pray for me…

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