This Christmas was definitely bittersweet….So sweet because it was my first Christmas with the boys, my first Christmas as a mother, first Christmas in a house…..and it was extra special for all of us…but bitter because Chocolate Thunder was with his mother and may not be coming back AT ALL……and Joey couldn’t be here to share it with us.

He SOOOOOOOO wanted to be here and We SOOOOOOOO wanted him to be here, but he had to take his driving test today to get his CDL license (By the way he passed and got it today…I am so HAPPY, I don’t know what to do) More on him later….

But anyway here is some random pics of our first Christmas together….

Like I mentioned before Joey got his CDL license (YAY!) I am so estatic I don’t know what to do!!!! He came to visit with us a few weeks ago…Dec 4 – Dec 16. I spent my 25th (for the 4th birthday with him on Dec 6. It was so great. My sister babysat and Joey and I just hung out at my house…It was the best b-day ever..(he he he – giggling like a school girl)
Life is so funny…If you’d ask me earlier this year I would have adamantly denied that I felt any other kind of love but that of a best friend for him and NOW I am completely in love with this man…. (he he he)…. I now realize that I was all along…and it ONLY took me 6 years of being friends to figure it
Life is so great right now…
Dare I say marriage in 2008?
Anwyay here are some pics from his visit….

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