Ok I went to the thrift store today and straight racked up..I spent a ONLY little over $60 and got all of the below……You gotta love the thrift store

A nice new coat for me
A coat for my niece or my new daughter (I haven’t decided)

2 cute little dresses for whom? Probably some lucky little girl at my church..or maybe (my daughters)..same dress, different prices and get this the bigger one was cheaper

Cute little boy outfits for whom???? Probably my God sister’s little boy or some lucky little boy at my church……(hmmmm..if they keep calling me for boys, maybe I’ll eventually take one and it’ll be for my boy ..lol)

And last but not least these cute little dresses…For whom???? I may give the red one to my niece, and the pink one to a particular little girl at church but I may save them all for my daughterOh yeah I forgot I got this big box of legos (mega blocks)

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