~*All About Yourself*~

What’s your real name?: Farrah Lynn Albertie
Do you like it?: I love it!
What does it mean?: My first and middle name means: Beautiful One that dwells by the pond..that name so describes me…i love being around water..and of course ..we all know I am beautiful..lol
What is/are your nickname(s)?: Auntie, everyone calls me Auntie or Farrah Lynn
How old are you?: 26
Gender?: 100% female
Birthplace?: duval
Birthdate?: December 6, 1979
You currently live in?: jacksonville
You currently live with?: my entire family…my mommy and my 2 grown sisters, oh yeah don’t forget about my niece and nephew
Do you have brothers &/or sisters?: yeah 2 sisters
Hair color?: black
Eye color?: brown
Heigth?: 5′ 6″
Contacts/glasses?: yes (glasses) but I never where them
Hobbies?: myspace, just chillin, watching DVDs
Do you play sports?: child boo
What room are you in right now?: mine
What time is it?: 12:17 pm
Are you listening to music?: no
If so what is it?: no music
Do you have any piercings?: ears
Tatoos?: no
School name?: i’m outta school, but I went to MTSU
Mascot?: Blue Raiders
Grade?: Alumni for 3 years now
Colors?: blue, grey, black and white
Favorite subject?: Music Business
Least favorite subject?: Financial Management, Accounting
Have you ever failed a class?: yes..unfortunately
If so what?: ummm
Favorite teacher?: well I used to have a favorite teacher..until he stiffed me for some cash
Least favorite teacher?: see the above answer
If you could have any teacher fired,who would it be?: no one
If you were a teacher,what subject would you teach?: web design
Are you going to college?: been there, done that
If so,which one?: already been to MTSU
What are you going to major in?: Majored in Recording Industry Management
What do you want your carrer to be?: i wanted to work in the Music Biz…but now I just want to be a missionary
Color?: blue all day baby
Type of music?: Contemporary Christian
Song?: too many to name
Group?: too many to name
Boy band?: Plus One
Girl band?: Out of Eden
Cd?: too many to name
Video?: ????
Vacation spot?: well I want to go to Thailand
Place to hang out?: there is this one place right along the river in Murfreesboro
Holiday?: Christmas
Season?: Spring
Day of the week?: Saturday
Sport?: b-ball all day
Sport to watch?: b-ball all day
Family member?: ??/??
Store?: Ross
Hair style?(for guys): short
Hair style?(for girls): whatever style I’m rocking
Website?: www.anointedpurposedesigns.com (mine of course)
Country?: Haiti
Smell?: ?????
Food?: soul food
Drink?: ????
Car?: Escalade
SUV?: See above
Place to make out?: ?????
Name?: Mine of course
Kind of book?: The Bible or any Christian book
Planet?: earth
Sandwich?: Italian Sub
Joke?: ?????
Poem?: From the Bottom of My Heart by Yours Truly
Color of clothing?: blue
Word?: Jesus
Animal?: ???
Pet?: No pets
Radio station?: 106.5 The Promise
TV station?: I rarely watch TV..but it would probably be Discovery Health Channel because that is the station Adoption Stories comes on
Electrically powered device?: ????
Quote?: Jeremiah 29:11
Quote about love?: You are the perfect verse over a tight beat! or You are my air!-From the movie Brown Sugar
Swear word?: ????
Thing to do on a hot day?: the beach..fa sho
On a cold day?: stay my butt in the bed
On a rainy day?: stay my butt in the bed
Number?: 3
Color of M & M?: blue
Tree?: ???
Disney movie?: Lion King
Street name?: Wages Way
Soda?: ????
Magazine?: ????
Cologne: ????
Perfume?: Love Spell from Victoria Secrets (all day everyday)
Coin?: ??????
Footbal team?: ????
Gum?: Orbit
Starburst?: Strawberry
Jolly Rancher?: Green Apple
Weather?: Sunny
Vegetable?: Green Beans
Shape?: Heart
Actor/Actress?: Actors-Cuba Gooding Jr, Laurence Fishburne, Larenz Tate, Jamie Foxx; Actresses- Drew Berrymore and Sanaa Lathan
Computer game?: ????
Ice cream flavor?: butter pecan
Board game?: Probably monopoly
Cereal?: Honey Toasted Crunch
Island?: Hispaniola
Athlete?: ????
Language?: Francais
Are you going out with any one?: no one 🙁 – Man what’s the deal!
If so who?: I said no one..now leave me alone
How long?: didn’t i say leave me alone
Do you have a crush?: Yes
If so who?: ummm.he knows who he is
How long have you liked them?: way too long…. almost 1/3 of my life
Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?: man i don’t remember
Who was your first kiss?: Kevin Henley
Have you ever been dumped?: no
Have you ever dumped?: yes
Do you want to get married?: Yes
If so what age?: now..jk..(maybe)
If everyone was single and everyone eligible who would you go out with?: the guy I have a crush on
~*Do you know anyone who—*~
Drinks underage?(how many): yes (too many to name)
Smokes?(how many): yes (too many to name)
Does drugs?(how many): unfortunately yes
Lost their virginity?(how many): yes (too many to name)
Worships the devil?(how many): heck naw
Hates slurpies?(how many): no
Is a compulsive masturbator?(how many): i don’t know
Likes the smell of dog poop?(how many): no
Is crazy(really crazy)?: yes
Hates you?:

there is always someone hating on me..and I have no clue why….it’s probably cause they want to be me..

i’m really not conceited..i know you probably think that by reading this survey..i just really love myself and it took forever for me to truly love myself..now that I do…I have a tendency to go overboard…lol

Loves you(besides family mambers)?: yes
Likes to watch porno?: yes
Got caught watching porno?: i don’t know
Eats dog food?: no
~*Would you ever*~
Eat bugs on purpose?: no
Commit a crime?: depends
Change your religion?: absolutely not….I am Down with JC for life!
Lie to your parents?: i would like to say no..but i’d probably be lying
Jump off a waterfall?: no
Dress up as the opposite sex?: no
Sing in front of a lot of people?: yes
Have sex in front of a lot of people?: heck naw
Tell a much older person you liked them?: yes
Eat dog/cat food?: no
Swim in shark infested waters?: no
Go to school naked?: no
~*Have you ever*~
Lied to your parents about something really important?: i would like to say no..but i’d probably be lying
Have your life threatened?: no
Stumbled across top secret documents?: no
Stayed up until morning chatting online?: all the time man
Read a Shakespeare play?: yes
Performed in a Shakespeare play?: no
Written a play?: no
Written a book?: started several..haven’t finished any
Stole someone else’s book and said you wrote it?: no
Written a poem?: yes
Stole a poem and said you wrote it?: no
Talked in your sleep?: no
If so what did you say?: ???
Sung at a karaoke bar?: yes..it was fun
Been run over. . .by a bike?: no
Been run over. . .by a car?: no
Been run over. . .by a remote controlled car?: no
Wanted someone you couldn’t have?: unfortunately YES!!!
Shoplifted?: no
Admit to something that you know would hurt you?: yes
Taken incriminating pictures?: no
Been in incriminating pictures?: no
Blackmailed someone?: no
~*Which one*~:
Plastic or paper bag?: ????
Carpeted or wood floor?: Carpet all day everyday
Paint or wallpaper?: paint
E-mail or snail mail?: email
Sunrise or sunset?: sunset
Lake or ocean?: ocean
Walk or run?: walk
Water skiing or regular skiing?: regular
Golf or mini golf?: mini
Gold or silver?: silver
Phone or computer?: computer
Black & white or colored?: black & white
Stripes or plaid?: stripes
Knock or doorbell?: doorbell
Vanilla or chocolate?: neither
Laugh or cry?: laugh..well sometimes crying to ..it’s good way to get cleansed and besides I’m just emotional…lol
Whisper or scream?: whisper
Happy or sad?: happy
~*We’re almost done*~
And now what time is it?: 12:39 pm
So how long did this take you?: too long
Was it too long?: yes
Was it a pain in the butt?: yes
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You’ve been totally Bzoink*d

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