Ok, so you guys who read my blog on the regular know about my recent struggles in making new friends...

I discussed this with my coworkers, so they have been coming up with ways for me to make friends. But mostly, they are trying to find me a husband…Why does everyone want to marry me off?..lol

The first thing they wanted me to do was put back up my Myspace page. I really didn’t want to do that..and have since regretted it….but I won’t take it back down just yet….But anyhoo..I told my co-worker if he would write my profile description, I would put it back up. (Thinking that he wouldn’t do it and that would be the end of that) Well HE DID write it, so I had to honor my word and put it back up….

I’ve had the usual psychos contact me, and I was dumb enough to give my phone number to someone I had thought I had weeded out as not being a psycho (something I VERY rarely do), but my psycho meter must have been off that day.He is now in full stalk mode. Contacting me SEVERAL times a day…It’s only been a week..and “I’ve had about all I can stands and I can stands no more”…I’m glad he only has my cell phone # and only knows my first name. I haven’t answered his call or text in days, hoping he will get the clue, but as of this morning he hasn’t….

Now that leads me to last Friday, a co-worker of mine is always telling me about the Singles events going on at her church So Friday she told me about that they are having a Speed Dating event. You heard it right, a speed dating event AT CHURCH! Most pastors I know fully promote the whole “wait on God” approach but her pastor came up with the idea of this speed dating event.

I was like Speed Dating?!?!?.. I can’t do that!!!! What I am supposed to say? I am going to be all nervous and stuttering and besides I am supposed to be waiting on God to send my husband…..Right?!?!?!?

Then I started thinking. HEY YOU IDIOT!!!! You don’t have to get married..you said you wanted some friends. This is your opportunity!!!! And besides how is your husband supposed to find you sitting at home!?!??!?!? He doesn’t know your address.. He may not even know you exist!!

Ok, so this is WAY out of character for me, but I am going SPEED DATING!!!!

Yeah I know, I’m cracking up on the inside too…lol!!! At least it’s a church function and they all profess to be Christians. The application (Yes there’s an application) says: Answers (to the application) will only be shared with the internal ministry team for the purpose of putting together like minded dating pools. You will be contacted to confirm your participation and arrival time. The ministry IS NOT endorsing any candidates. This is ONLY an avenue to introduce like-minded Christians to one another. You are encouraged to use wisdom and guidelines that have been set before you for Christian dating.

I suckered my friend Ty into going with me. (Hi Ty!) and possibly my sister. The event is on her birthday and it is the day before my birthday…I said hey, I may actually have a date for my birthday this year. I told Ty if we don’t meet anyone interesting, he could be my date for my birthday..lol

I’ll let you guys know how this all turns out.. I am excited…and scared…but hey my new best friend or maybe even my husband could be there….or at the very least I will have an interesting story to share with you guys the next day.

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