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I wrote this poem on my 21st birthday …as I looked out the window of my dorm room into the window of the guy I was crushing HARD at the time. We were friends..just friends…..

I had to write a poem for an assignment in my English class…so I took the opportunity to express how I was feeling at the moment…..It’s sad this poem is still relevant to my life today.


I know you have your reasons
For the decision that you made

But I am praying your mind will change drastically like seasons
Hoping one day, it’s my love you’ll crave

But for now I’ll cultivate this friendship
Tending it ever so carefully, making sure that it grows

Ever-hoping that this kinship will
blossom like a beautiful spring rose

Yeah,most say I’m crazy
And that I should just move on

But it’s always that thought of MAYBE
That keeps this desire burning so strong

And until maybe turns into NEVER

I’ll embrace the thought, that in time, we will be together

© Dec 6, 2000
Don’t steal..It is copyrighted and I will prosecute you!

Final thoughts: What’s so wrong with me?

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