By Monday I will be the mom of 5..count them 5 kids..4 toddlers and 1 infant (well he’s almost a toddler, he’ll be one in a couple weeks…)

I am getting Chocolate Thunder’s 3 y/o brother Boy M (Here after known as Boom Boom)and 2 y/o sister Girl M (Here after known as The Munchkin)

So for all those who are wondering’s the break down of ages:

Boom Boom is 3
Boogy will be 3 next month
The Munchkin is 2 (THE ONLY GIRL)
Destructo is 1
Chocolate Thunder will be 1 next month

Yes I am insane!!! BUT I FINALLY get a girl!

Boom Boom and the Munchkin’s foster mom wanted them moved because she felt she had too much on her plate. She has 6 kids in her home and one has severe disabilities, so she asked for them to be moved.

Boom Boom and the Munchkin won’t be here much though. I will only be picking them up in the morning from their mom’s house and taking them to daycare and dropping them back off in the evening during the weekday and mom will have them on the weekend UNLESS she has to go to work. Then they will be with me…

So basically I am just a chauffeur, and honestly it really isn’t inconveniencing me very much to drop them off and pick them up because I pass their mom’s house everyday to take my boys to daycare and I pass the daycare Boom Boom and the Munchkin will be going to everyday too…..

How is this possible you ask? Because they are in the final stages of reunification and they have overnight visits every night now. (Everyone that is except for CT) But until the judge says they can go home permanently they have to be in the custody of a licensed foster parent..(i.e. ME)

CT is in the final stages of reunification too….but he doesn’t have many overnight visits and he only goes over there on the weekend (per mom’s request). CT won’t be reunified at the same time as his siblings, if at all – Long story, I’ll tell you guys one day when I see how all this plays out…

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