Welp, I finally decided where Boogy was going to go to school. He’s all enrolled and interviewed. It’s a Christian K3-12th grade school (which means he can go until graduation) I love the fact that they start each morning with prayer and bible lessons and they have weekly chapel service. They incorporate Christ into everything they do, which is very important to me. They also specialize in kids with “attention issues” which is GREAT for B, because he definitely has “attention issues”

The elementary students greet the teacher everyday with a hug….WHICH WILL BE EXCELLENT for B…because he REALLY NEEDS that…He needs the extra attention and affection.

BUT….. I will just have to warn his teacher not to let HIM get out of hand with it, as he will literally be asking to be hugged and telling her he loves her every few minutes.. (I’m not joking…It’s cute the first few times, but after the 10th time and I’m not exaggerating – it wears on the nerves and it further enables his obsessive “neediness”)

But I am sure they will have a handle on it, as kids with “attention issues” are their specialty.

The elementary school director went over some of the curriculum and I was amazed at what they teach them so young. Most of which she told me isn’t taught until second grade in public school here AND   I know  because I used to teach 2nd grade. Everything that he is supposed to know prior to K is what they normally teach in K (Thankfully due to Preschool and Summer School, he knows most of it)

He’ll be WAY ahead of the public school kids here. 🙂

I’m still so excited..

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