WOW…you are never going to believe the day I had….

As many of you who read the Adoption Forums know that today I got a placement for a 6 month old baby boy…E…Who I think I plan to call Jody or Lil Joe….

He is a bit delayed (well compared to the other 6 month olds I know right now….he can’t hold his bottle and can’t sit on his on….but he sure does talk alot….He’s African American (AA)…..and he is HUGE…20 something lbs.

But here’s the kicker…..About 45 min to an hour after he arrived I got another call from Central Placement asking me did I want more kids….I’m like sure….But this is what is going to really get you..I had a choice between 2 girls, (ages 2 and 6) and 2 boys ages (13 months (1 yr) and 29 months (2 yrs) and guess which kids I chose ….. the boys…..YEP THAT’S RIGHT!!!!

The main reason why I chose the boys is because…there is a very high chance TPR (termination of parental rights) will happen on at least one VERY SOON, but probably both…..they are filing for TPR now on the youngest sibling….he’s been in care since birth and with the new permanancy laws….time is up for parents to complete their case plan and he will VERY LIKELY, be available for adoption soon….I know, I know, there is no certainty…..but I couldn’t pass up the possibility……

But any is more info on them…

  • B (29 months) -AA/CC Male
  • D (13 months) -AA/CC Male
  • E (6 months) – AA Male
  • I haven’t come up with nicknames for B&D yet….
  • All the boys including E are very good..I know we’re honeymooning, but today was great…HECTIC..but GREAT
  • B was pretty upset when he first got here..he asked several times to go home…..But he calmed down after about 15 mins….
  • They all love bath time….
  • They are all great eaters ..not too picky SO FAR
  • They all wear the same size diapers. (size 4) YES ALL 3 are in diapers/pull ups…
  • D is the strong silent type..but he is kind of sneaky…he gets into everything
  • None of the boys are circumsized…
  • B went to bed with E’s truck that he has now claimed as his own…..B actually fell asleep in my lap (with the truck in his hand) and then when I laid him down…He said….(while still half asleep) Where’s my “fruck”?
  • D went to sleep on his own- no rocking, no back patting, just laid down on his own ..(I had to pick him up off the floor ) and went to sleep…..B&E both had to be rocked to sleep…
  • E is hilarious , he laughs and giggles all the time….
  • They all love hugs and kisses….especially B
  • Right now B is calling me ” Ms. Frarrar”
  • They all came from other foster homes
  • E has 4 other siblings…..2 have already been TPR’d
  • B&D are half siblings (same mom)

Ok, I’ll right I’ve been up since 4 am and I need to go to sleep……I’ll tell you more later…

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