My boys cw called me and said that my boys older brother’s fp no longer want to adopt him and she wanted to know if I would be interested in adopting him as well….

I was like what?!??!?!? Excuse me??!?!?

I didn’t actually talk to her, but she left a message on my voicemail..

She was like, I understand if you don’t want to adopt him as well, because I know you already have 3 kids but I wanted to ask because we would rather they be kept together…and we would like him to move in as soon as possible… WHAT!?!??! She was like I’ll call you back on Monday or later today, so you can think about it….What?!?!? That’s not enough time….

The brother just turned 4 or he is about to turn 4…..OMG ….I’ll have 4, ages 4 and under…..Oh my the daycare costs……at least the 4 year old can go to the free Pre K program they have here this year and the following year he will be going to Full Day Kindergarten

I am licensed for one more child, but never thought I was going to fill that spot this soon…..and with another (gasp) BOY!!!!

and if you remember I got a call from an adoption sw 2 days ago asking me did I want to be considered for a 10 y/o girl…that would be 5 kids..Yes 5 kids until my 7 m/o old is reunified…..

God is just showing off now…..I have been waiting almost 20 years to adopt since I was 8…..and he is REALLY bringing me a harvest on all the prayers that I prayed…..

I don’t even know what I am going to tell them about my boys brother or the little girl…..But knowing me…I’ll be a mom to 5 pretty soon……

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