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You are never going to believe this..Part II

Cw just called me back a little later today and she said that Older Brother’s (L) fm mentioned on her last home visit that she may not be able to adopt L because the just adopted a 2 y/o and she is an older woman….

CW talked to her the other day and mentioned that she would see if I wanted to adopt him…..She said FM wasn’t too pleased with that idea because she wanted her friend to adopt him because he is familiar with the friend…

CW told her that it is more probable for him to be placed with me because I already have his brothers and that the friend could put in an application and they would consider her, but she would most likely would not get him over a licensed foster parent who also has bio siblings….

She says she would call FM, which she did before I could finish typing this message, but got FM voicemail….She said that she may change her mind again and decide to adopt….so we’ll see…

I’m not going to turn it into some major custody battle….but if she doesn’t want to adopt him, she doesn’t really have a sayso as to where he will go…..I told cw I want to do a respite next weekend or the weekend after that..but who knows, FM might change her mind….

However this whole thing turns out, I will be happy as long as my boys will have a relationship with their brother….I don’t necessarily have to be the one to adopt him…as I wasn’t expecting to adopt him anyway,I just want them to know him… However, if she doesn’t want to adopt him, cw already knows that I will be willing to…

CW wants me to adopt him….and I have a feeling the judge hearing the case, the agency, and GAL will favor me over the friend

Either way, I’m fine….I just pray that God’s will be done….

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