I am trying not to post too much on here as we plan our migration over to the BIG “.com” but I just had to share….Well a couple of days ago I posted about my dive into Online Dating. I also don’t want to post too much because if by chance any relationship goes anywhere, he is bound to read this blog one day…and I don’t want him to be TOO mad at me..lol

Most of the guys who I was interested in “based on their profile” were not interested in me. But I wasn’t too down about it… Wasn’t down at all…The funny thing is the 2 guys who I was interested in who were mutually interested in me, have the same name….lol and they both own a business that does the same thing as my business….How freaky is that?

At first I was like hey wait maybe this is the same guy playing a trick one me…lol but they are “at least from what they portray,”… very different people…One has 1 kid , the other has 2, one is AA, the other is CC…

I talked to Same Name Guy 1 -AA-/1 kid on the phone for the first time last night and we text for a while today. Same Name Guy 2 – CC /2kids…we have only spoken through online messages ….It was so funny when I found out SNG2’s name..I was like you said your name was what? (Hence the title)

But anywho…..Ok so I have not life so I needed something to talk about…….LOL love you guys

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  1. Me and Jesus on March 7, 2010 at 12:31 am

    oh but we need way more details. lol

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